Speedbowl Doc Shorts | 1969 Broad St Chevron Team

This week’s segment is about Richard Brooks, who most of you probably know simply as Brooksie – longtime flagger and later Race Director at both Riverside Park Speedway and Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. Among many other positions he’s held throughout modified racing’s landscape, he’s also been an official on the NWMT tour since it’s inception in 1985. While it’s been close to 50 years since he became an official, many may not know that he was originally a car owner at The Speedbowl in the 1960’s with stars like Charlie Webster, Billy Harman & Walt Dombrowski who drove his #651 and #65 Modifieds… and this segment is the incredible story about his best season as an owner and the unusual circumstances the following season that led him to becoming an official. Unlike most of our segments where there’s multiple interviewees telling a story, this one is just Brooksie. And it’s not too different then the countless stories he’s shared with me over the years at the track or a family gathering. One of the most entertaining guys to listen to talking about the ol’ days.

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