Random Thoughts on a Sad Day for Racing…

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It’s late at night… a Saturday night, or I guess Sunday morning at this point.  Saturday is the night of the week that I’m still adjusting to being away from the racetrack.  So, even after a great day with friends, I found myself back in the Vault Productions headquarters around 11pm so I could check up on the local racing scene & see what happened tonight.  To say the least, it’s been a pretty wild ride of quickly changing emotions with all I came across in the last few hours.  My days of writing long-winded rants may be over but here’s some rapid fire thoughts from a night I will sadly will never forget:

  1. Waterford Speedbowl barely made curfew tonight – yeah…. don’t miss that!
  2. Shawn Monahan & Keith Rocco tangle going for the win and exchange words afterwards… yeah, kinda miss that!
  3. seeing #bringsidback each week does make us smile 🙂
  4. Congrats to Jeff Gallup.  1st time winners = always cool!
  5. Tony Stewart story starts circulating, and my honest 1st reaction is “no surprise with him”
  6. Soon after, it seems like there was a serious injury involved and now I felt compelled to dig a lil’ deeper.
  7. Google works every time!
  8. Watched the video, fully ready to cringe and feel like crap afterward… it was worse.
  9. No, I won’t post the link (see #7)
  10. I used to really dislike Tony Stewart years ago… He could wheel a racecar, but always came off like a jerk IMO whenever he opened his mouth.  Then his continual support & appearances at short tracks kinda won me over a lil’ bit in recent years…  and now… now I really dislike him again… and probably forever.
  11. For those who wonder why sometimes using in-car cameras in our coverage of short track racing isn’t always an easy process… incidents like tonight are the #1 reason.
  12. While I’ll admit I was one of what will probably be millions within hours to watch a youtube clip of what happened at Canandaigua Motorsports Park tonight, nothing like this would ever be included in any episode of Sid’s View that we produce.   That condition has always been in our guidelines…. and that condition will probably always prevent us from going viral with our vids…. and we’re fine with that.
  13. It’s ironic that just a couple weeks ago, the big debate in the short track scene was the viral videos that came from Bowman Gray stadium on an almost weekly basis… a frequency at which made them almost comical.  But there was nothing comical about what happened at Canandaigua tonight.  NASCAR & BGS should feel lucky nothing like this ever happened during any of those recent incidents.
  14. I’ve seen drivers do what Kevin Ward did tonight numerous times without ever getting hurt.  Tonight was the reminder of how dangerous confronting a another driver still in his car after a wreck can be.
  15. Racing is dangerous… always has been, always will be.  And unfortunately there will probably always be people like Tony Stewart who’ll disappoint us in seemingly forgetting that simple premise so easily when behind the wheel of a race car.
  16. I can’t believe I just wrote that about someone who’s raced at the highest levels of auto racing.
  17. Thoughts & condolences go out to the Ward family
  18. Shawn vs Keith seems pretty trivial now at this point

Just a sad day 🙁