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This week was different for me – the whole program thing makes for a different dynamic on race day. It’s obviously no secret I don’t mind getting involved at my local track, but I don’t do any of that stuff ON race day. Race Day is party time!! Selling programs is like work… and although I thought the Vault Report came out pretty good for the first time out, I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to be the pit hawker early in the day…

…’specially when you try to sell one to someone…. like… well… say Soup Civardi. My man Soup – inaugural Little League Night participant, part of my Mini Stock brethren – no doubt he’ll want one:

Hey Soup, wanna buy one of the new track programs
Nah – same crap in those things every week
No – this one’s different, it’s better… trust me… I did it myself…see…look – it’s called Sid’s Vault Report
Oh yeah? Nah – I’m all set

Huh that’s f**ked up Soup! Ah – whatever, maybe homeboy’s bitter his girl Kathy has two track titles and he only has one, I dunno… but ain’t gonna sell any programs talkin’ to dudes like him – so I guaranteed this he’ll see nothing to hit during Little League Night and carried on…

Later I head to the ol’ Fox Hill trailer… nothing but love there right? JP’s my man and our crews have been rockin’ the Family Section for years – we go way back… well wouldn’t ya know Mama Pearl was none to happy I waited til the week AFTER her boy won.

If Dennis is on the cover, it should be Vol.1 No.2 – Jeff should be on the cover for No.1
Aye yi yi – whatta ya kiddin’ me lady!

And then when I did score some buyers – like my main man Chris Burton, I give him change and walk away without giving him the damn program…

Seriously people – I have no clue what I’m doin’!!

But all kiddin aside – week 1 went pretty good. The kids who helped hawk them in the grandstands did a great job, most of the feedback was positive and I didn’t lose my shirt doin’ it – and that’s always a good thing. The bottom line is our track needs a program – period and I’m glad that’s no longer an issue at the shoreline oval.

On to the racing…

True Value Mods were in the house and of course they’re extra-cool for qualifying through heats instead of boring time trials. Over 50 mods showed up to qualify!! So many that more than a couple mods set up shop in the dirt pits, so ya know that’s a lot. Rob Summers, Chris Pasteryak, Dennis Gada, Jeff Pearl, Kenny Horton and Frank Ruocco all made the show. The always-entertaining Teddy Christopher was in the house as well. Like a moron, I went to get something to eat at the start and missed the first pile up on the front stretch. But there would be plenty more unfortunately.

Former weekly competitor Ed Dachenhausen led early, but it was Robbie Summers and TC who put on the show around the midway point – trading the lead back n’ forth. Each took the lead on a restart from the outside of the other. First Teddy, then Robbie – who held on for good and won the Town Fair Tire 100.

Teddy broke something like a shock or spring and ended up getting black-flagged. Kirk Alexander was butt-last on one restart if I remember, but ended up with a 3rd by race end. I believe Pasteryak finished in the top 5. JP in the top 10 – Dennis maybe too or somewhere around there… there was only 13 or 14 cars who took the checkered and he was one of them. Still seems the advantage goes to drivers with ‘bowl experience as many with little ‘bowl seat time were spinning around all over the place…

TVMS officials went to single file restarts for the last half of the race – not fond of that at all. Single File Restarts SUCK!! I understand that’s some sort of punishment to competitors when there are too many cautions, but for us fans – we got less exciting restarts on top of less exciting caution laps. Seems like a double penalty for us and we ain’t even driving… especially at the ‘bowl – it’s a 2-groove track for cryin’ out loud and as Teddy and Summers proved earlier – the outside was there. If I wanna see a train go ‘round, I’ll go to the tracks an hour north – when I’m at the ‘bowl, I want ‘em side-by-side at all times…. But that’s just me…

SK’s actually ran first. Diego started on the pole and was running strong. On a late race restart, wouldn’t ya know he had to line up with Shawn beside him. (those MFR cars are really cool lookin’ I tell ya)…. Anyway – Shawn took off and got a jump I still can’t believe they let go and took the lead. But they’d do it again in reverse and this time Diego got the lead back (yup, the outside was there all day). Started the day with my first pick ‘em right, so I was pumped

JP definitely had a better TVMS day (he won one of the heats as well) then an SK day as he blew his tranny and had a DNF. Ruocco wrecked too… Fowler again started strong but was involved in multiple wrecks by race end. Janovic finished 3rd. Fox was there although not a great night – he was driving… hurting leg n’ all – get better soon Tommy!!

Sportsman race was entertaining, as there definitely seems to be a Dorr-Gertsch rivalry brewing. They duked it out in their heat (Dorr won if I remember correctly) and again in the feature, but the battle was for 2nd because Al Stone III brought home his first win. Stone definitely will be a factor this year – but I was entertained by the Dorr & Gertsch camps: both loud and big in numbers and extremely close in proximity in the stands. When Dwayne & Billy are close on the track, that section just erupts good stuff!!

Timmy-stock had his game face on and definitely felt a win coming early in the day. Indeed he looked like the Timmy from ’06. Got the lead and won unchallenged for his first win of the year – Coates 2nd, Macrino, Ernie and Bruce Jr for the top 5. No Dirty Loz again and no Curioso Joe either this week

All weekly divisions ran before the TVMS except of course the Mini’s. Mark Panaroni ran well early in the 51 – but eventually there were 5 cars running in a pack up front… wanna guess which ones?? You got it: Joe III, Phil, Kenny Jr, Randy Jr and Danny Boy (who started deep in the field). Godbout broke late and had to pull off. Phil led the last half of the race for his first win of ’07. Ken, Randy & Danny… then I wanna say C Will for the top 5.

The weather was beautiful, the crowd was the best so far this year and the racing overall was pretty good once again. Here’s some other nuggets to chew on:

During the TVMS race, Robbie was in a #13 and Teddy in a #11… sounds backward don’t it?? If that wasn’t odd enough, the TVMS pace truck had a Whelen (as in NASCAR Modified Tour sponsor Whelen) logo on it’s back window. Wouldn’t that be like getting a Budwieser at Coors Field or sumptin??

Oh… and Soup did redeem himself and later helped me find a few more customers after he finally came to his senses… might of earned himself 1 or 2 e-fuss pitches on LL night with that… but we’ll see…

By the way – where’s Norm Root?
And Dan Darnstaedt?
And Mark St. Hiliare?
And Dennis Botticello?

Most Popular Driver ballot boxes are in 3 places: on the midway near the registers at the grill stand, in the mod pits’ concession stand and the dirt pit concession stand. REMEMBER – only ballots from the program are accepted!

I know the True Value Mods got dissed in the program. Getting a roster was harder than I thought. ‘chard said “didn’t you go to their website?” which made me feel pretty dumb for not thinkin’ of that myself… thanks man. But I agree the visiting tours will need some more ink on their respective days… note taken, I’m on it.

And yes, the Random Thoughts spread will be more creative than informative as we go along… The first week I needed to set up a lot of things behind the scenes to get this thing rolling, so I relied more on some trivia I knew by heart cuz I had less time to be creative

Big Ups to Keith Cyr cuz without pictures my program would really suck!!

And no – I don’t work for the track now. The program is my deal. The track is supportive and Jerry & Bill were helpful not only putting it together, but helping promote it as well. Part of the reason I jumped at the opportunity was that I could help the track get better and keep my creative freedom as well. Win – win as I see it…

Finally – would you believe when Mariano Rivera blew the game Friday night against Boston I actually thought about having to face Red Sox Nation member Rose Pasteryak the next day cuz Chris would be there for the TVMS?? I know – I got problems…

Awe-ite… that’ll do…
See ya next week

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