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YO – check it out… Indeed I came home with a Steering Wheel momento for Fan of the Year…. and I have to say it was pretty cool to be recognized for my ‘bowl contributions which have always been largely volunteer. Despite my insane behavior in the Family Section and my (sometimes too) big mouth in Forumland, when it comes to being the center of attention in front of any group of people where microphones and cameras on involved, I feel pretty uncomfortable…. so despite the nice applause from the crowd and having my pic taken with Dick Bergren (which was definitely cool), I couldn’t wait to go back & chill with ‘chard & the boys back in the crowd…

Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted – it definitely was a cool moment.

The Speedway Expo gets a big thumbs up! Last time I went to the former Racearama was 2001, and it was evident then, that the show was losing steam from it’s more glorious past back in the 80’s. But the Speedway Expo brought life back into an old tradition and it was definitely a good time.

Speedbowl was in the house with Timmy, Danny Boy & Dwayne Wayne bringin’ their championship cars for display. Kenny Horton, Brian Ouimette & the other JP had there mounts there too, but I didn’t see them Sunday (actually, Kenny & Brian coulda been there, but I can’t say I know what they look like yet so My Bad!!)

Corey’s Stafford LM ride was part of their display – and it looked too eery as a black #90, if it wasn’t for the name above the window net, I woulda thought Coates was running @ SMS. Shelly Perry APE 76 was in the house lookin’ slick as well…

Woody Pitkat (a fellow Speedy Award winner for Best Weekly Racer) had his mod in Thompson’s display – and that car is really slick lookin’ too…

Other Speedy Awards that I can remember went to Matt Hirschman (there with pops Tony) for Break Out Performer, Beech Ridge for Best Weekly Program and Larry Barnett for Best Individual Performance and Nicholas Teto’s yankeeracer.com for Best Series/Track Coverage . In addition to the Web-maestro’s mentions, the other Speedbowl/hometrack drivers nominated (none of whom won unfortunately) were former Big Baller Chris Correll-ARTS & Matt Kobyluck-NBGNE (Best Regional Series Drivers) and Donny Lia (Best Individual Performance) for his ’06 WMS ‘bowl win. I was bummed jp.com didn’t get any love in the Track/Coverage category… but hey… at least now they can boast this is where the Fan of the Year chills during the racing season…

It was definitely a well-needed break from this statistical research that’s fryin’ my brain…. I gotta tell ya though – tryin’ to round up not 1 but 2 Brooksies to leave the joint is not an easy task. Me and Big Joe had quite the unenviable task with that… Between the two, I think they knew just about everyone there….  Early in the afternoon, Big Joe said even I was gettin’ a lil’ too-Brooksie myself with all the stops & hellos I was throwin’ out – but it was proven by day’s end that I’m not even in the same class as ‘chard & his dad in that category…..

…. and about the Programs… I chatted with Grand Pubah Roth about getting some ink in the weekly spread. But it won’t be to do a sid-style recap – that my friends is an exclusive element here on jp.com. But I’m hoping to get a lil’ Sid’s Vault section goin’…. just some statistical nuggets for you guys to chew on from week to week… nothin’ concrete yet – but that’s the idea…. I’ll keep ya posted

Thanks again for everyone who voted!
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